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Davos Climate Consortium

Organizations with a shared interest in advancing progress on the global climate and energy will come together on Monday, January 15th in Davos Platz, Switzerland. At The House of Trust. Promenade 40. 

The Davos Climate Consortium is intent on fostering collaboration among those who are most active in climate, energy, and sustainability. Many of the most significant players on the global scene assemble in Davos annually. This creates an opportunity for them to find one another. 


By connecting innovators and entrepreneurs into a collaborative network to create solutions and then engage industry and governments to implement these ideas rapidly, we facilitate projects that should be scaled to address the global climate and energy challenge


Solutions exist. The challenge is to rapidly scale these solutions. This can only happen through coordination, collaboration and by providing a platform for the solutions to reach the marketplace globally. 


The Consortium was formed by a small group of organizations active in the climate and sustainability space that recognize the importance of communications and collaboration. Thanks to the following organizations for taking initiative.

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The Altru Institute's Climate Project seeks to address the climate and energy crisis by providing a platform for proven solutions and technological breakthroughs. It is an initiative of New York based think tank Altru Institute. Below, you will find events that we cohost with our partners. For any inquiries, contact Asya.

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Yeswetrust's technology provides world wide access to help shape a better future with the mission is to encourage and inspire each to reach full potential, find purpose and create positive impact. It is hosting the Davos Climate Consortium meeting at its House of Trust located on the Promenade at Davos Platz. Jan 15th we will be hosting several events at The House of Trust. To register, click.


PDIE bring together change makers, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and governments for sustainable innovation.  PDIE is a global innovation ecosystem for sustainable entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and researchers to solve the world's greatest challenges. Jan 17th we will be hosting the Luncheon "Achieving Planetary Health and Energy Security - The Contribution of AI and Digitization" in Davos. To register, click 

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Green Accelerator addresses climate change by advancing innovative sustainability solutions and fostering investor collaboration to serve as a catalyst for nurturing and supporting the growth of cutting-edge climate tech start-ups and scale-ups.  Jan 18th we will be hosting an afternoon of climate presentations and VIP Reception. For Investors who would like to receive an invitation, RSVP.

The unDavos Summit is four days of focused sessions on a range of topics including on climate, energy transition, oceans and climate technology pitch sessions both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Jan 16 and 17th. And climate venture day Thursday morning. To register, click.

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