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Davos Climate Consortium Forms: 

A Collaboration to Address Global Warming.

A group of organizations with a shared interest in advancing progress on the global climate and energy will come together on Monday, January 15th in Davos Platz, Switzerland. The Consortium seeks to advance progress by fostering collaboration among those most active in climate, energy, and sustainability in Davos with a meeting called the Davos Climate Summit to be held at the House of Trust.


"Hosting a meet-up on the first day of the Davos week, increases the odds of people meeting," said Stefan Kanalga, founder and CEO of Yes We Trust, which has the second floor of the Ratia Center at 40 Promenade which will be named the House of Trust where a broad range of programs and session in health, wellness and technology will be held during the week.


"Of the thousands that are in Davos during the World Economic Forum, we felt that providing a connecting point early in the week for those serious about climate to find others for collaboration," said Brett Johnson, CEO of Altru Institute, a New York-based Think Tank which formed Altru Climate Project to provide a platform for proven solutions and technological breakthroughs.


"Bringing all those organizations working on climate is simply a good idea for the mission of climate impact," said charter member Zdenka Rezacova, founder and CEO of the Green Accelerator, which has been running an important climate tech showcase in Davos for several years and in private gatherings internationally.  


Christian Schmitz of PDIE Group. Purpose Driven Ecosystem has been at the forefront of sourcing climate innovations and the leading nominator for the prestigious Earth Shot Prize.  “The climate crisis can only be addressed if the breakthroughs and proven solutions scale rapidly. Global collaboration is critical.”


Each organization has a keen focus on the global Energy and Climate crisis. recognizes the importance and value of collaboration and the critical function of awareness as the first step. Consortium Founding Members include:

  • Yes We Trust. Fostering greater collaboration through a global trust-based network.  

  • Altru Climate Project. Is launching a global platform for climate and energy solutions.

  • PDIE Group. Tokyo-based is a leading nominator for the Earth Shot Prize.

  • Green Accelerator. Green Accelerator is a leading convener of promising climate tech companies.

  • UnDavos Summit. Hosting investment pitch sessions throughout the week.

  • Atlas Capital. Singapore-based Venture Fund focused on global climate network.

The launch meeting at the House of Trust will include presentations by scale-ups, and start-ups and opportunity for promising technologists to meet with investors, strategic partners, and governmental leaders.

Membership is open to organizations, companies, and investors seeking collaboration. 

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