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The following are listed on the Altru Climate Platform, The platform's mission is to remove the friction from an inefficient (or non-existent) system in order to connect high-quality deals with serious investors.


Membership in the Consortium is designed for companies with proven technologies that should be scaled as well as potential breakthroughs. 

The platform will evolve into a stock exchange for climate, sustainability, and energy transition companies making it possible for investors to participate in high-impact investments with the liquidity of a private secondary market. 


DCarbon aims to establish carbon markets for sustainability financing. Employing AI, IoT, and blockchain, the project focuses on developing a digital carbon credit supply to enhance emissions accounting, credit quality, market liquidity, data rights, and accessibility.  LEARN MORE


DCX Carbon is actively exploring projects in green ammonia and hydrogen to enhance its footprint in these sectors, which promise significant emission reductions and are crucial for the transition to a low-carbon economy. LEARN MORE


INFENER, a leader in decentralized solutions, prioritizes net-zero outcomes through innovative technologies, boosting energy efficiency and profitability across industries. The Green H. Hub, Power Tower, and Smart Complex offer sustainable solutions for industrial hydrogen, self-sufficient charging, and green hydrogen in building developments. LEARN MORE


WattByWatt pioneers renewable energy with perovskite modules, offering cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions and forging strategic partnerships with Perovton™ and MICROWATTS for sustained success.  LEARN MORE

CHAR Logo.png

CHAR is focused on high-temperature pyrolysis, transforming woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases (renewable natural gas and green hydrogen) and biocarbon  Services include custom equipment for industrial water treatment, environmental compliance, management, site investigation, remediation, engineering, and resource efficiency. Listed on the Exchange under 'YES'. LEARN MORE

Climate Investor tracks information about promising opportunties. It profiles development of interest to investors in the climate, energy and sustainability space. Published bi-monthly by affiliates of the Altru Climate Project. To subscribe. LEARN MORE

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