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Profile: DCarbon

DCarbon is an initiative led by energy and technology professionals aiming to establish carbon markets for sustainability financing. Employing AI, IoT, and blockchain, the project focuses on developing a digital carbon credit supply to enhance emissions accounting, credit quality, market liquidity, data rights, and accessibility.

- Unmet Paris Accord emissions reductions goals.
- Challenges in implementing accurate corporate emissions reporting.
- Phasing out of renewable energy subsidies.
- Shortage and verification difficulties of carbon credits.

SOLUTION  DCarbon’s solution is a new high integrity digital carbon credit supply developed and verified using AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies.  The solution standardizes low-cost IoT energy sensors for data collection from clean energy resources like solar panels, EV’s and energy storage, automatically validating emissions uses and avoidance using the Casper enterprise blockchain for secure transactions. The MetaCloud Distributed AI Server Network is used for IoT data storage and AI processing with up to 90% energy and cost savings over traditional data centers. Gamified AI apps incentivize users for carbon footprint reduction and digital carbon trading with rewards and performance enhancing feedback.

IMPACT Facilitate global contribution to the trillion-dollar Net Zero energy transition, improve carbon credit quality and automate trading through decentralized technology, provide a pathway for unlimited clean energy and transportation without government subsidies, and address challenges in emissions reduction, corporate reporting, renewable energy subsidies, and carbon credit reliability.

EVIDENCE Completion of development milestones including MetaCloud AI, IoT sensors, and a distributed database, strategic partnerships with organizations like Quectel, Qualcomm, and Casperlabs, and collaborations with leading entities to develop digital emission credits such as JC Golf, Informatika, and Oakstone for market penetration.

VISION Empower individuals and businesses globally to earn value while contributing to the Net Zero energy transition.

TECHNOLOGY Utilizes AI, IoT, and blockchain, including IoT sensors for standardized, low-cost energy data collection, Casper blockchain for secure and validated transactions, MetaCloud Distributed AI Server Network for energy data storage and AI processing, and gamified AI apps to incentivize users and facilitate digital carbon trading.

SCALABILITY DCarbon’s platform is designed for global use, incentivizing every person and business in the world to join in the race to Net Zero.

STAGE DCarbon has roughly $100K in Node pre-sales and completed development milestones such as MetaCloud AI Node Prototypes, IoT sensors, and distributed database integration and is beginning pilots Q1, 2024.

CAPITAL Seeking USD $1.5M through a SAFE Round with a 20% discount, along with 50M NZT utility tokens and sweat equity.

IP The team possesses 15 energy and fintech patents, indicating a strong foundation of intellectual property and has developed over $1M of proprietary software to enable the platform functions.

FUNDS USE Intends to use funds for device production, certifications, installations, revenue generation from SaaS and carbon trading fees, and boosting MetaCloud Node sales.

RISK FACTORS Challenges in achieving emissions reduction goals, uncertainty in corporate emissions reporting, dependence on phasing-out renewable energy subsidies, and risks associated with the supply and verification of carbon credits.

COMMENTS Strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders position DCarbon favorably in the market. The team's expertise and successful track record enhance the project's credibility. DCarbon is the first carbon related blockchain solution to integrate IoT devices and AI.

CUSTOMER Targeting SMBs, corporations, residential and commercial solar users, and emission compliance-focused businesses.

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