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Infener AG aims to bring Hydrogen productions on an industrial scale globally, reaching CO2 reduction, ESG goals and avoid climatical negative impact.

- CO2 emissions.
- Energy dependency.
- High prices.

SOLUTION Decentralized H2 production on a local and global level.

IMPACT CO2 reduction on global scale by replacing CO2 emitting energy sources; creating value chains for sustainable solutions with clear business models for replacing non-sustainable businesses.

EVIDENCE Science, a century for the usage of Hydrogen, existing market solutions in the field, as well as our own small scale applications in the field.

VISION Being biggest Hydrogen production hub operator in Europe for mobility, industry and residential buildings.

TECHNOLOGY Integration of best hardware and software in market plus commercial power to execute a profitable business.

STAGE Scale-Up.​

CAPITAL 50M to 500M Euro.

FUNDS USE 10M to 500M Euro to facilitate several projects for a strong portfolio of income streams strengthen market, stake and shareholder penetration.

RISK FACTORS Legal and conservative attitudes, too much bureaucracy, incorrect risk evaluation


Setting up first Hydrogen hubs for steady income streams.

CUSTOMER Clear solution as Hydrogen provider replacing inefficient and costly fossil fuels as well as Hydrogen as enabler for additional income streams, achieving ESG goals.


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